Hello World
Meet arts and technologies of building a website


The Hello World workshop, is a greeting to the modern life in this very age, the age of communication. The fact that our today's life style is depended on communication and information technologies, is not negligible. This situation leads us to care more about learning technologies and skills that are needed for better life. Indeed, these skills are kind of necessary. Basic knowledge about virtual world and webs, is one of fundamentals of these skills. In advance, building and developing a website, as a public context, could be a highlighted ability which empower people to obtain more from the cyber world. In this regard, we will learn basic web designing practically together by designing the website of Café roshd.
One of the most features that web designing (programming) brings, is the ability of analyzing and logical and organized thinking. This ability could help participants have more intellectual discipline and empower them to analyze their daily life routines and event better. Meanwhile they will be creative in designing front-end (user interface) and user experience of website. These two (Intellectual discipline and creativity) together would improve problem solving skill and bring new insight about relations between technology and humanity.



www : Welcome to Cyber World
- Introduction on Cyber World, its history and revolution
- Defining the issue
- First Modeling and processes of building a website
- Introduction UI concepts in web designing
- Storyboard, colors and sketches on paper
IA: Information Architecture
- Final architecture of website
- Card sorting
Construction and Layout
- HTML and CSS
- Foundation Platform
Finalizing Café's website
- Final implementation and Uploading on server
output #1
output #2
output #3
output #4