Organized Sounds
Discover the world through music


Edgard Varèse, French composer, defined music as "Organized Sounds". Sounds which together create meaning and sense. Based on this definition, in this workshop we want to create meaningful music by simple sounds. Indeed, we don’t want to educate pro composers in this program as well as we teach music. We aim to encourage participants to listen and understand the music, to improve their perception of music and know about varieties in music world. We want to empower participants to recognize different voices and understand melodies.
One of the other purpose of this program is to develop creativity and different insights of participants. To reach this, we make different music instruments by using recyclable and unusable materials. In this way participants could have better impact on their environment and learn about environmental protection in a collective experience. Also we'll have a virtual trip to other cultures and nations' music and know about them.



Basics of music
- Melody, Form, Rhythm and etc.
Different kinds of instruments
- Learning about world music instruments
- Chordophones, Woodwind, Percussion and Electronic
- Classic (West, Iran and East Asia), Blues, Jazz, Rock and …
Variety, pattern and repeat in music
- The elements of music forms and sense
- Pattern and repeat in music
- Minimalism in music
Environment in music
- The effect of environment and architecture in music
Making music instruments by recyclable materials
- Experimental innovation to rehabilitate daily sounds of life
Compose (Cover) a song for Café Roshd
- Using learned skills to compose and cover a song for the Cafe
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output #2
output #3
output #4