Cafetopia Section
Soft skills for better world


We believe learning technical and theoretical skills, probably is not enough for living successful. What we need to have peaceful coexistence with other, is social skills, skill to respect the world. We believe social life is an art that we could learn. An art that is reachable by experiencing and practicing it. This insight leads us to define our café based by learning by doing and gamification. Indeed, in Café Roshd, we want to play and practice daily social life together and enjoy it.
In Café Roshd, Cafetopia workshops, are fundamental. All participants of café will attend in this section. In Cafetopia we'll talk and decide about the main idea of café, what we want to have in café and everything which would make our café. We learn about art styles and movements and then we will choose café's theme. In Cafetopia we practice soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity and innovation, effective communication, team working, problem solving and presentation skills. By passing time together, we will get more familiar with each other and make a collective identity that shows our desires, ideals and utopia.



Ice breaking and getting to know each other
- Talking about ourselves and making friends together
Introduction on Café, its history and impacts on societies
- Sharing experiences of cafes
- Talking about cafes and their impacts in history
- Expect setting
Soft skills
- Crtitical thinking
- Ceartivity and innovation
- Effective communication
- Team working
- Presentation skills
Art styles and movements: History and social impacts
- Learn about art styles
- Learn about social impacts of art movements
- Defining or choosing Cafe Roshd art theme
Defining Café Roshd and its components
- Name, Theme, Colors, Designs, Accessories, Games, Website and Medias, Music, Videos, Green Environment, Foods, Clothes and etc.
Team building and segmentation, Building the cafe
- Distribution of participants in other courses and workshops (sections) to work professional
- Working on the structure of café, simultaneously
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output #3
output #4