Fly over flowers
Develop green environment, sooth the earth


Beauty is one the oldest things that humans have adored and pursued. One of the most enjoyable beauties of the world is nature. Nature not only is beautiful, but also brings peace of mind, sense of security, fun and happiness. Planting and caring plants is one the habits of happy and successful people. It relaxes the soul and make it kind and clam down the distresses and confusions. Developing green environment not only has personal impacts, but influences social lives, warms urban and rural atmosphere and reduces tensions.
In this program we want to learn about the importance and protection of green environment and as green activist, develop it. Implanting, maintenance and developing plants and greenbelt, the effects of climate change, vegetables for eating, personal and psychological impacts of plants and using them for interior design of Café Roshd, are parts of this workshop.



Green environment and its challenges
- Introduction on the green environment, current situation and challenges
Solutions to develop greenbelt and plants
- Research and review for execution in small and large scales
The importance of plants in urbans and houses
- Impacts of plants and greenbelts on personal and psychological aspects on human
ractical learning: Implanting, maintenance and develop plants
- Effective factors on growth of plants: Water, Soil, Light, Pot and etc.
- Implanting café's plants for interior design
Plants pests and how to prevent them
- Learning about plants pests and ways to prevent them
Providing the café's statement
- Together with other teams of café, providing a statement that declare participants' desires, hopes, believes and values and ways to reach them.
Final construction of greenbelt of café and interior design
- Using the implanted plants to make café beautiful, soothing and comfortable
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output #2
output #3
output #4