Graphic Design
Design Now and Then


In this workshop participants will understand basics and practical concepts of graphic and visual designing and related concepts and will learn standard literature of them. By telling the story of art styles and movements, we will start the workshop. We will talk about colors and shapes, the psychology of volumes and visual communication and etc. Then by defining practical projects and using related software, we'll start to design and provide graphical and visual materials of café.
Graphic design is a vast but not complicated context so it's easy enter to its colorful world by knowing its components. Here we'll use learning by doing methods, gamification and fun theory to make the learning path more smooth and enjoyable.
For this course we've used different resources from all around the world, as we believe the language of art is borderless.



Introduction on visual art and its history
- Ice breaking and team building
- A story of visual art
The Theory of Colors and volumes
- An introduction on a graphic designer and its works
- A review on the theory of colors and volumes
Art styles and movements
- A review on art styles and movements in the context of visual art
- Learning graphic literature and words practically by using images and etc.
Defining practical projects
- Brainstorming for café visual identity and materials
- Sketch ideas on paper
Digital design
- Digital design concepts, software and tools
- Using software to digitalize ideas and paper sketches
Visual identity of Cafe
- Work on café visual materials, editions and final implementation
- An introduction on print
Conclusion and getting ready for print and presentation
- Finalizing and printing
- Build visual portfolios for participants
- Preparing the presentation
output #1
output #2
output #3
output #4