Green Cooking
Vegetables for your health and hungry


There are some evidences that shows vegetarian people lived many centuries ago in current India, Greece and south of Italy. In these evidences, we could see that since that time, the basic of vegetarianism was no harm for animals. In India they call it "Ahisma", 'not to injure' and 'compassion'. Vegetarianism, in public term, refers to not eating the meat of any kind of animals. In some of advanced kind of it, avoiding from any production of animals, such as milk, egg and honey is included. Based on these diets, there are different kinds of vegetarianism.
In this workshop we aim to make participants familiar with vegetarianism concepts and philosophy and learn about its impacts on animals' life and human body and soul. Learning some vegetarianism recipes, the therapeutic impacts of natural drinks, recognition of tastes, dare to creative cooking and etc., are the other achievements of this program.



Introduction on Vegetarianism and its concepts
- The basics, values and kinds of vegetarianism
Vegetarianism, environment and animals
- The environment concerns, climate change and impacts of vegetarianism
Food meals
- Food meals, our body and health (vitamins, organic materials and etc.)
The materials and foods of vegetarianism
- The alternatives for meat
- Tastes
- Learning some recipes
Natural drinks and the therapeutic impacts of them
- Learning how to make natural drinks and their impacts
Getting ready for massive cooking for audiences
- Getting ready for serving Café's customers
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output #2
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