Canvas for Business
Shape your business to reach your desires


Learning about launching a business and its requirements is necessary for each person who is part of a business processes. This knowledge would help people to play their roll better and get good perception of that business. With this attitude, in this workshop we present a model of business model: Canvas.
We believe the success of every business lies behind the knowledge and perception that the people of that business has received before and during of involvement. So to make our café business successful, we want to build its business model together. In this course we will work on Business Model Canvas to shape our café business. We want to learn about businesses and economic activities and apply skills we learn in other courses to make our business successful and hit cafe's goals.
We will follow the path: first we will challenge ourselves to recognize our values, desires and abilities, then based on what we are, we will shape our business strategy and model.



Analyzing an Entrepreneur
- Introduction on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur's characteristics
- Self-awareness
Get to know: Café Business
- Discussion on Café business, its requirements and difficulties with a café man
- Innovation and ideas for the cafe
Business Model Canvas
- Learning Model Canvas, its sections, concepts and usages
Data gathering and analyzing, Interviewing
- Data gathering, analyzing and categorizing methods
- How to use information in business management
Value Proposition, Customer Relationship
- Introduction on Value Proposition, Customer Relationship
Generating final Café Business Model by Using Model canvas
- Working on other sections of Canvas
Implementation of the Model for Café
- Preparing the presentation of Model and starting action plan based on it
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output #2
output #3
output #4